How to Understand Customer Journey in Marketing

customerThe journey that people take on businesses to become loyal customers is never straightforward. In the ideal sense, it is a journey that is characterized by sightseeing, stops, explorations and discussions along the way. Any successful business needs to convince people to pick their brands instead of switching to competitors. Businesses such as Fredericksburg Lawn Care are able to outperform competition because they are customer centric, and have a good understanding of their customers.


Understand customer journey mapping

The first thing you need is to understand customer journey mapping. A customer journey map represents a visual path that helps marketers show the story of customer’s experience. This is done from the first interaction with their business, to a long-term relationship. The main reasons for creating customer journey maps include; getting valuable insights, understanding customer expectations and predicting and influencing customer behavior.


Components of customer journey map

There are key components that make a customer journey map. These include aspects such as buyer personas, customer stages, understanding customer goals, maintaining a time frame and considering customer emotions. A buyer persona represents your target customer based on detailed market research. When it comes to customer stages, you need to figure out the stages a customer goes through to come into contact with your brand. You need to understand customer goals at each stage. Identify the key touchpoints or interactions the customer has with your brand, be it on websites, ads or other channels. You need to use data analytics to maintain a timeframe or realistic schedules on when interactions typically end.

Optimize customer stages

Companies need to be confident in their understanding of customer journey. Lack of confidence is usually aroused by the fact that some marketers believe that the data they have is not being effectively used to optimize customer experiences. Businesses need to put customers at the center stage and give them access to content that satisfies them at every stage. To optimize customer experiences, it is important to understand what content customers are looking for, or are interested in seeing.

Building Brand Awareness

The first stage of customer journey is by building brand awareness. It is a a recognition stage that starts as soon as customer becomes aware of the fact that they have a problem and are looking for solutions. This stage is purely educational and deals with getting the message out there. Pay a particular attention to writing ad copy that sales and satisfies your customers. Add appropriate keywords to your PPC strategy and link from the perspective of a customer.

Considerations and decisions

At this stage, customer knows who you are and what solutions you have to offer. However, they are considering if you are the right choice for them. Customer compares your solutions to competitors out there, to determine who has the best solutions. Since you have the customers email and other details, you should leverage that and send them to the right places that talk more about your products and services.  Use that as an opportunity to convince your undecided customers that you have the best solutions.







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