How to Get Started in Drop Shipping on Shopify

drop shipWhen we talk about drop shipping, we speak of a direct fulfillment approach in which store does not keep the products it promotes or sells. When a store sells products, it purchases these items from a third party and have them shipped directly to the customer. As a result of this exchange, the merchant never gets a chance to see or handle the products.

The significant difference between dropshipping and the standard retail model is that the merchant selling the product doesn’t have their stock and do not own any inventory. Instead, the retailer purchases the stock as needed from the third party and has the wholesaler or the manufacturer fulfill it.

What is Shopify

Now that we have understood all what dropshipping is about, next we need to know where Shopify comes in. Shopify is the leading e-commerce platform that gives entrepreneurs a chance to start their online store. It is a simple platform to use, and you will be able to build your store even if you do not have any technical abilities. It is the perfect platform for entrepreneurs who want to get started in an e-commerce business and do not want to face a lot of hassles.

Getting Started


shopifyIt is straightforward to set up your Shopify dropshipping store if you follow some simple steps. First, you need to name your Shopify dropshipping store. When coming up with a name, keep the name simple, be creative and make it memorable. Once you have come up with some ideas for your business name, check out from online tools such as GoDaddy to see if they are available.

Create an Account

Creating a Shopify account is a simple and quick process. To get started, visit the Shopify home page and look for an empty field that prompts you to enter your email address. Input your email address from the space provided and create a password for your account. Next, you will need to fill a couple of details about your store, personal data, and experience.

Once you have created the account, it’s time to set it up. The first thing you will need to do is to enter your payment information. You won’t have a chance to receive money from your customers if you don’t add the required payment information.You can add a PayPal account and if you lack one, always create a new one. Observe issues relating to the store policies. Shopify has a couple of helpful tools which will automatically generate standardized private policy, a return policy and policies on terms and conditions.

Setting Shipping Rates

It is important to ensure that your store has well-defined shipping rates. It is always good to offer free shipping, as it is one of the best options you can give your competitors. Else, it is important to include your shipping fees into the prices of your products. A good example is raising the price of your commodity by a particular value to cover the cost of dispatch. Once you have set up all the details and designed your store, it’s time you launch it. You can launch your store by accessing the sales channel option from the Shopify setting.

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